NJD Vacancies

The head of the department should report the vacancies which produced by the not joining of any candidates who got memo to the PSC. The vacancies are called 'Not Joining Duty' vacancies (NJD Vacancies). The new candidate will select by PSC from the similar category of the NJD candidate. These NJD vacancies consider first while advising the rank holders. If the candidate who did not join in the post is included in any reservation category, the new candidate who will advice for the NJD vacancy by PSC should be from the same category. But, if the candidate who advised from the main list and he is including in any reserved category, PSC will consider a new candidate from main list, not from the reserved category. It is based on the order of rank.

The latest information is that PSC will do a different process in the reserve conductor post. In the normal way, KPSC will advise the suitable candidates to the reported vacancies from the rank list. If there is any candidate who had not joined in the job, the head of the department will inform it to PSC. Then for these NJD vacancies PSC will send advice memos to the next candidates again. 

Now PSC is try to fill the 1500 NJD vacancies of reserve conductors by the not joining of 3808 candidates of 9300 rank holders in the first phase. If PSC will change its system of appointing candidates, it may lead to case in the court which had occurred in sub inspector and deputy collector appointments. There may be a situation of losing the chance of reserved category rank holders to get appointment from merit list. It may be affect the seniority of the appointing candidates. There is a government rule that do not to cancel or decrease the number of vacancies once reported. So PSC can not cancel the advice memos. Many candidates are waiting for the conductor job. Some of them had rejected good opportunities even from abroad.     


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